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Other books in this series!
The Riddle of the Fergie and the Fish (with technical supplement). A novel by Rob Laurent This is the third Toomaroo Museum adventure story for secondary-school aged readers. A pleasant day’s fishing turns into a nightmare for Ronnie & Tip and their friend Barbie, along with a birdwatcher named Cathy, when they get involved with a ruthless gang of wildlife poachers. This book is more than a novel. As well as the adventures of the four kids there’s also a technical supplement that gives readers the opportunity to learn about many of the machines and manufacturers that feature in the story. Here they can find out about the origin of Harry Ferguson’s legendary little grey tractors; The unusual Fitch Four-Drive tractors from the USA; the first steam engines made by Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen and James Watt; the amazing hot air engine that only needs a fire to make it work; the uniquely Australian International Army trucks; the little Haflinger four-wheel-drive; British Seagull outboard motors; the fascinating Australian Lungfish that can live out of water; the extremely rare Paradise Parrot; and electronic stun guns. The book’s combination of entertainment and knowledge is intended to introduce readers to the fascinating world of old machinery and to encourage interest in the achievements of past generations. Parents or grandparents with an interest in things mechanical will find this book an ideal gift for their children or grandchildren. The Riddle of the Fergie and the Fish is an A5-size soft cover book of 136 pages. It’s printed on quality paper with section-sewn pages that won’t fall out. The price has been kept to a minimum to make it affordable to everyone. $12.50 AUD (includes postage within Australia)  
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